Experience the chill. The word around town is growing...Celsius Cryo Spa is the #1 option for pain relief in Keller.  No more pills! No more injections!  Cryotherapy stimulates your body's natural pain relief mechanisms to not only reduce symptoms, but also start your NATURAL HEALING RESPONSE.

Cryotherapy = Pain Relief!

Step into our Cryosauna for 1.5 to 3 minutes and step out feeling rejuvenated and alive!  Celsius Cryo Spa is bringing all the benefits of modern cryotherapy to Keller, Texas at an affordable price.  Cryotherapy literally means "cold therapy".  Once inside our cryosauna, you'll be surrounded by our gasiform liquid nitrogen and chilled to an average of -240 degrees Fahrenheit or -116 degrees Celsius.  This will stimulate your body's natural healing processes to help with damaged tissue, reduce inflammation and swelling, improve circulation and speed the recovery process.  Conveniently located in Keller and easily accessible from Fort Worth, Alliance, Southlake, Watauga, and North Richland Hills.  Visit Celsius Cryo Spa in Keller, Texas to LIVE healthier, TRAIN harder, and GLOW brighter. 

When you first experience the rush of endorphins and realize that all of your aches and pains seem to be diminshing, you'll want to do cryotherapy every day.  Some people do benefit from this, and your unlimited membership will allow you to come every day. But anecdotal research has shown that 2-3 sessions per week allow you to maximize your results.  Unless you are an athlete that trains every day,  a couple sessions per week are all that you will need to see decreased joint pain, decreased muscle soreness, improved recovery, improved skin tone, better sleep, more energy at work and at the gym, and a tighter, firmer physique.


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     Your Life:

Athletic Performance

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Beauty and Aesthetics


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  • increase collagen production

  • Improve skin complexion

  • reduce cellulite

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