Cryotherapy + Reindeer = A Merry Christmas for All!!!

Everyone knows that Santa's reindeer have one of the hardest jobs of all time.  They only work one night a year, but they work harder in that night than most of us do all year.  How do they make it around the whole planet in just a few hours?  Do they load up on Gatorade?  Does Santa own stock in 'Five-Hour Energy'?  Until now, society has explained this away as "Christmas Magic".  

But as our society and our technology advances, we are coming up with ways to finally uncover some of history's greatest phenomena.  For example:

1.) "Does the dryer actually eat my socks?"  A 3 year long observational study of a dryer in it's natural habitat revealed that dryers actually steal all clothing.  We only notice socks because they come in pairs (more evidence for "safety in numbers").

2.)  "What would happen if the toilet were to flush in the reverse direction?"  This one hasn't been proven yet, but there is evidence to suggest that there would be a reversal in the space-time continuum.  Dogs and cats living together, cars driving on the left side of the road, when you take a selfie it snaps a picture of the person in front of you!

3.)  For centuries, scientists have been stumped (and terrified) when it comes to explaining things like UFO sightings, paranormal activities, and possessions.  In just the past few years, we've finally uncovered the cause of all these things... ObamaCare.  

Well, now science has solved another mystery.  The only reason that Santa's Reindeer can complete their incredible job is that they use cryotherapy to increase their performance and ward off fatigue!  He runs Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and all of the other reindeer through cryotherapy all year long (between reindeer games).  Everybody knows that reindeer physiology differs from human physiology.  They have a special peptide in their body (a combination of peppermint and fudge) that allows them to repeat cryotherapy all year long without habituating or seeing diminished effects.  By the time Christmas Eve comes around, the reindeer are perfectly prepared to perform their duty. 

Santa is one smart cookie.  Lets look at the other fringe benefits that Santa gets from using cryotherapy:

-Global warming is happening, so how does the North Pole stay full of snow and frost?  Answer: cryotherapy frost.  Santa is running his reindeer through Cryo all year long in three minute intervals to build up their endorphins and adrenaline in preparation for Christmas Eve.  Using that much nitrogen for the cryosauna creates a lot of frost.  That is how the North Pole perpetually looks like a Winter Wonderland. 

-Another added benefit is the calorie burn!  Santa doesn't want to be rude and not eat all the cookies that we leave out for him.  How does he manage to eat all those cookies and keep his 'relatively' svelte physique (at least by American standards)?.... Cryotherapy is the key!  Cryotherapy revs up his metabolic rate and allows him to burn off the calories from countless chocolate chip cookies. 

- Mrs. Clause is no stranger to the benefits of cryotherapy either.  She has gone on record saying that whole body cryotherapy is what keeps her skin looking tight and fresh despite all the stress of helping Santa make his list (and check it twice).  Any normal woman would develop unsightly crows feet, wrinkles, and age spots.  But you can see Mrs. Clause's perfect rosy cheeks and smooth complexion in December's issue of 'Holiday Wives Magazine".  Her secret is out!

As cryotherapy continues to evolve, we see more and more of the world's most prominent figures using this technology:  Lebron James, Floyd Mayweather, Tony Robbins, and now Santa Clause!  They are on to something, folks!  Have a Merry Christmas and treat yourself to a cryotherapy session to start the New Year off right ;)

Have you had your endorphins today?

Have you ever experienced a "runner's high"?  Do you wonder why you feel so good after a workout? And kinda grumpy when you miss one?  The answer is....endorphins!

Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body, "similar to morphine" (webmd).  They also act as natural pain relievers and help to combat depression.  One common way to trigger the release of endorphins is through exercise.  Another, more uncommon way, is cryotherapy.  The "fight-or-flight" response leads to a number of physiological reactions.  One of which is the release of these mood-enhancing, pain-relieving, euphoria-inducing ENDORPHINS.  

If you haven't tried cryotherapy yet, you're missing out.

If you have, then you know what we're talking about.  In the words of Brian P. after his first cryotherapy session:  "I feel like I just got a promotion!"


That's dog-gone cold!!!

I found this article about cryotherapy for pets.  It's interesting to see some of the same effects.  We also personally know of someone who used cryotherapy to help their dog with debilitating arthritis.  Our friend said that the dog was actually able to jump up into the car afterward, whereas before she had to be lifted!   I wonder if Celsius will fashion a pet machine any time soon...

The end of this article also does a nice job of summarizing current evidence for human applications.

Massage Therapy keeps you exercising...

In 2008, the US Department of Health and Human Services released the US Physical Activity Guidelines... To save you the boring details, here is the summary: Exercise is good (surprise!). Different levels of exercise are recommended for different age groups (children vs adolescents vs adults), but the bottom line is that regular exercise can lead to a number of benefits:

  • weight control,
  • improved mood,
  • energy boost,
  • combating heart conditions and diabetes,
  • and better sleep

The key word is REGULAR exercise.  But what about when your body is too sore? When you are too tired?  When you have an injury? Or when you just plain don't feel like it?  (This is where I would regularly tell you about the benefits of cryotherapy and exactly why people are loving it, but this post is about Massage Therapy, so I'll refrain)

The American Massage Therapy Association has published a summary of results from clinical studies spanning from 1984-2010 that show strong evidence that massage therapy can 

  • Reduce muscle tension,
  • Improve muscle tone,
  • Promote relaxation, 
  • Increase Range of Motion,
  • Prevent injuries,
  • Reduce swelling, 
  • Maintain maximal performance, 
  • and even reduce breathing pattern disorders

Plus we all know a massage can be a wonderfully relaxing experience.  Which leads me to our news... Celsius Cryo Spa is now hosting two different massage therapists for your recovery need!  We are excited and proud to be the new home of Jess Grimmer, LMT and Janet Jackson, LMT.  Soon you will be able to see their brief biography and book your next appointment with either of them on our website

Plus, stay tuned to our Facebook page as we are planning to announce our celebration to mark the addition of our two newest team members.  

Cryotherapy Safety

A few facts about cryotherapy and how the process should go...

This is a remarkably safe intervention if a few simple rules are followed. Before we get to that, you should always review contraindications with the staff at whichever cryotherapy clinic you choose. (Celsius Cryo Spa's Waiver can be found here, contraindications are on page 3).  If the attendant doesn't know them or can't help you, go elsewhere.  Simple, right?  

Next, in light of recent events in Nevada, I think it's important to point out a few things...

1.)  Your head will always be out of the chamber so there is no reason why you would inhale the nitrogen gas, which could cause you to temporarily pass out.  

2.)  You can stop at any time AND the door is never locked!

3.)  There is a built-in 3 minute timer on the cryo machine.  It's primary purpose is so that you don't stay in the chamber long enough to be at risk of frostbite or tissue damage.  It also ensures that no matter what other unforeseen circumstances occur, it will ALWAYS shut off after 3 minutes.  It is impossible to be in there for 10 hours.  (Not to mention you'd run out of nitrogen before then)

4.)  This next one is the MOST IMPORTANT.  If there is only one rule for cryotherapy, it's this: NEVER STEP INTO THE CRYOTHERAPY MACHINE ALONE.  If you happen to inhale a mouthful of nitrogen and pass out, someone else should be there to assist you out of the machine (where your body will immediately begin breathing oxygen again).  

At Celsius Cryo Spa, you will never be left in the machine alone.  Never. Never. Never.  We won't step out to answer the phone, we won't step out to see who has walked in.  We won't step out.  If you go to a cryotherapy clinic and the attendant starts to leave the room, stop them and ask them to stay.  This simple act will ensure that your session goes smoothly. 

We are personally seeing remarkable results in the realm of chronic pain relief AND athletic recovery.  It's amazing what the body can do when put in the right environment.  No pills needed.  Don't let uneducated news reports and online-skeptics steer you away from trying cryotherapy for yourself.  Do some research, and find a clinic that can walk you through the process step-by-step.  I can think of one that comes to mind!




We've been open for 6 months now... it's about time we start this blog. 

Recent events have shed more light on the cryotherapy industry, and in the hands of the thrill-seeking media, that light has become negative and scary.  Attention-grabbing headlines and exaggerated details are the tools that most media use to get people to read their stories and "gasp".  

On the contrary, this blog will attempt to serve as a valid and reliable source of information regarding cryotherapy.  We'll describe it's safe uses, the ever-growing research that supports it, and life-changing results that people are seeing. We'll include research articles, public stories, personal contributions and just about anything that can help people get more informed about cryotherapy.  If you want to contribute, email us at

Stay tuned...