Cryotherapy Safety

A few facts about cryotherapy and how the process should go...

This is a remarkably safe intervention if a few simple rules are followed. Before we get to that, you should always review contraindications with the staff at whichever cryotherapy clinic you choose. (Celsius Cryo Spa's Waiver can be found here, contraindications are on page 3).  If the attendant doesn't know them or can't help you, go elsewhere.  Simple, right?  

Next, in light of recent events in Nevada, I think it's important to point out a few things...

1.)  Your head will always be out of the chamber so there is no reason why you would inhale the nitrogen gas, which could cause you to temporarily pass out.  

2.)  You can stop at any time AND the door is never locked!

3.)  There is a built-in 3 minute timer on the cryo machine.  It's primary purpose is so that you don't stay in the chamber long enough to be at risk of frostbite or tissue damage.  It also ensures that no matter what other unforeseen circumstances occur, it will ALWAYS shut off after 3 minutes.  It is impossible to be in there for 10 hours.  (Not to mention you'd run out of nitrogen before then)

4.)  This next one is the MOST IMPORTANT.  If there is only one rule for cryotherapy, it's this: NEVER STEP INTO THE CRYOTHERAPY MACHINE ALONE.  If you happen to inhale a mouthful of nitrogen and pass out, someone else should be there to assist you out of the machine (where your body will immediately begin breathing oxygen again).  

At Celsius Cryo Spa, you will never be left in the machine alone.  Never. Never. Never.  We won't step out to answer the phone, we won't step out to see who has walked in.  We won't step out.  If you go to a cryotherapy clinic and the attendant starts to leave the room, stop them and ask them to stay.  This simple act will ensure that your session goes smoothly. 

We are personally seeing remarkable results in the realm of chronic pain relief AND athletic recovery.  It's amazing what the body can do when put in the right environment.  No pills needed.  Don't let uneducated news reports and online-skeptics steer you away from trying cryotherapy for yourself.  Do some research, and find a clinic that can walk you through the process step-by-step.  I can think of one that comes to mind!