Speaking of Anti-Inflammation...

At Celsius Cryo Spa, we specialize in reduction of inflammation that leads to pain relief and increased muscle recovery, among other things.  Its a simple but unfamiliar science that is making waves recently, but we think the results will ring through in the end.  

There is another POWERFUL anti-inflammatory agent that we have all heard of.  We've all eaten (or at least smelled) it.  Its been around for ages and has been used by Indian cultures for decades. But it rarely gets mentioned in medical circles when it comes to treating inflammation.  

It's Turmeric.

There is medical research showing that this plant provides a host of benefits without the potential toxicities and side effects of narcotics, or even over the counter remedies.  However, according to scientific standards, there is not "sufficient research".  I understand that things need to be PROVEN for the scientific and medical community to accept them, but they also say there is "not sufficient research" proving that cryotherapy is beneficial.  Just ask our members about that one... 

Below is a link to some information about Turmeric.  If you or someone you know is battling arthritis, pain, inflammation, it doesn't hurt to do some research and learn about all the treatment options.  Turmeric might just be the trick for your pain relief.  If not... you still have cryotherapy :)