Book an appointment for our 30-minute minute NormaTec Compression Massage session to simulate your body's natural muscle pump and rid yourself of the toxins and metabolites that can prolong muscle soreness, delay your recovery, and even lead to cellulite!  We offer these NormaTec massage sessions for your legs, hips, and arms.  Relax in peace on our comfortable recliners where you can listen to music or watch T.V. while NormaTec gets you ready for whatever comes next.  

1 Session— $20

3 Pack— $40

10 Pack— $100

External dynamic compression has been used since the 1960's to aid the body's normal circulatory function.  For over 40 years this technique was used in various clinical devices that yielded unimpressive results.  Then Dr. Laura F. Jacobs, a rehab physician and PhD bioengineer, founded NormaTec and created her Sequential Pulse Technology.  Her initial intent was to treat chronic wounds, lymphedema, and other circulatory diseases. But her NormaTec Pneumatic Compression Device (PCD) was soon being harnessed by elite athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, and USA Olympic Committee, as well as Navy Seal teams, triathletes, cyclists, and runners. 

Previous equipment has used static compression and therefore failed to effectively mimic our normal physiology.  NormaTec PCD pulses, instead of using static compression, to mimic the body's natural muscle pump and move fluid and metabolites out of the limb after an intense workout.  The effect is divided into 6 zones to create a pressure gradient that maximizes circulatory flow and prevents back flow.  Maximizing circulation means maximizing recovery so you can feel better and train harder.  Use NormaTec in combination with Cryotherapy to Live. Train. Glow. 

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