How long does a treatment last? 45-60 minutes

Do you have a licensed IV RN? We do! She performs all IV therapy treatments under the supervision of Dr. Garza.

Why do I need IV hydration? Dehydration occurs when you’ve lost too much water in your body without replacing it, preventing your body from performing at its best. Once the water in your body is reduced, it needs to be replaced because dehydration will affect your general health and overall mood.

What are the benefits? Dehydration can cause numerous problems for the body. Even just 2% dehydration damages skin, organs and causes discomfort. Being properly hydrated assists with weight loss, increases energy levels, helps with sleeping patterns, and cleanses your body.

What amount of fluid will be given? Our IVs include 1 liter of IV fluids (at minimum), which replenishes your body to healthy hydration levels.

Who is IV therapy right for? Male or female, young or old, short or tall, active life style or chained to the desk!